Sunday, 8 March 2015

I Found You

In this mist of chaos, I found you
When hope seemed lost, I found you
When autumn turned into winter, I found you
When sports lost its glory, I found you
When I saw you, I found you.

Through the butterflies I felt I found you
The feeling of a new found happiness
When all hell around me broke lose
Through the lens I accidently stumbled
The found you on the other side

This naive soul touched my soul
Brought a better light to this darkness
Moments from a smile that melted me
From the innocence of truth I found in you
Brought this reality of to shame

The eyes of freedom need not speak more
For my heart understood the matter alone
And that day I knew I found something in you
That cold December where my heart grew
Watching the bright city lights I found you!

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