Sunday, 22 March 2015


So this is your Goodbye now? :'(

Rush of emotions
Everything I ever felt crumbled down
Loss of words unable to breathe
I somehow believed it was all real...

Is this how you say Goodbye?
With a pitcher of beer smiling at me!

"Forget me"..., he said
Words easy to whisper, Hard to digest
Where do I tuck away the memories?
This white envelope too thick to burn...

Hundreds of pictures of the same face
Broken promises and -forget me nots-
I thought i would be first at giving up
But Instead I held on...

Where does one bury their secrets?
From the plains to the hills
I want to keep exploring!

Dreams and Plans in the near future
But Who was I kidding?
For the thought of me will always exist
And you will never be alone...

I hate the word Goodbye
For it always ends the burning flame of hope
That spark ignited is lost
And faith in mankind will never be restored...


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