Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Walk Walk Walk

Recently I started going on walks and light jogging to Sangay gang since i stopped calisthenics about a month back since mid June. It's a nice place close to where i live in Motithang and the place is quiet and serene which is ideal for walking in the evenings. You end up meeting alot of familiar faces along the way who are either brisk walking, walking their dog, jogging, running while there are also those riding their bikes panting up the path... However, i noticed that many people you tend to meet who are completely or partial strangers tend to avoid eye contact when they encounter each other while walking. 

Apparently there are three different routes to get to the top but i took the normal paved road since i wanted to test my endurance and speed. It took about 30 minutes to get to the top as this was just my second day!!! 
So i took pictures along the way to capture what i see to share with you all :) 

A graffiti on the stone walls in Sangaygang

Add A bend in the Road

A view of Motithang and Thimphu from top

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