Saturday, 18 January 2014

Unwritten Days

Well I haven't written in the longest time ever because I have been so busy ever since the month of December started until the 17th of January 2014.

During the last two months I was engaged as the coordinator in the winter camp that was held for children called "Camp Raven" which was organized for the children of the three armed forces (RBG, RBA, RBP) here in Thimphu. It was a wonderful experience for the children as they got to learn and engage with the 3 (2 female, 1 male) Thai dance instructors who came to teach the children different forms of dance but mostly hip hop and contemporary style of dancing which they performed at the end of the 2 week camp. The children took interest in sports, arts, dance, soap making as various volunteers arrived at the locations to help each camp grow in their talents or spark some interest in the children.

Rock Climbing, Art classes, musicians, actors took time from their daily schedule to come spend at least an hour with the children engaging them with fun activities or spoke about positive things in life. Each camp had their own picnic where students spent the day playing games, winning challenges, singing, dancing, cooking and then eating their own cooked food along with the instructors and the resource persons.

The two weeks passed by very quickly that it was already time for the students to receive their certificates and showcase a set of talents in Changlimithang to HRH Prince Jigyel Wangchuck who graced the occasion. As per royal command the children had yet another picnic but this time all three camps together at Parizampa with His Royal Highness with planned activities and a gala lunch. It went well and everyone went home happy, pleased, fully tummy and having experienced a game they hadn't been exposed to.

Overall, until the 17th of January I was so busy organizing these events, getting the bills cleared up and making endless notesheets for approval which was time consuming as there were many things happening at office too.

Then came 18th January, where I packed my suitcase and hopped on the plane to Singapore for a well deserved annual winter break.

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