Friday, 26 April 2013

The Path

There is no such thing as a bend in the road
When the direction is set for you.
Do you see the clouds disappear?
Have you felt the touch upon your face?
It's quiet simple actually...

You just follow the right path
Embrace the journey
But who's to say what is the right path?
The last clouds linger behind
As dawn breaks upon the valley slowly...

Where did the cloudless face last reveal?
Upon the vast opening of the skies?
Or beyond the high reflections of the sun
Touching upon your statue
Illuminating the luster of gold...

Fate is such that we bestow upon ourselves
Nor do the stars grant us the direction
Death follows as quickly as life unfolds
Is such transgression necessary?

Eyes upon the soul
The feet meet the road
Family that once belonged
Shattered by jealousy and greed
Is this humanity at its lowest?

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