Monday, 29 April 2013

Headaches and Nausea

It's easy to hold on to problems
The hard part of it is letting go
The trouble is that some problems are not that easy to resolve.
Its tough when its appears from different direction...

Most things don't make a difference
Until you wish to see the changes
Beyond this doubt there is a certain truth 
success after failure and discouragement
with no thought nor expectation

Impermanence: that's the way I see it
Life does goes on
and you leave the old memories behind
to create new ones
Brand new insights and details

You are responsible for your life
So you must do your best
Every moment
Venture for new opportunities 
Sail unto the last glimpse of the twilight

Don't stop giving as it never ends
It's a cycle with abundant rewards
Discover yourself
Discover others
For remember, fear exists only in the mind...

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