Monday, 4 February 2013

Dwelling in Possibility

The world is in a rat race
and I am on a Camel
walking slowly, patiently and thoughtfully
getting view of what's happening below...

Sand dunes, dancing with winds

Sleeplessly trying to erase the winds of time
while at the same time picking up pieces
that were left hanging to dry
A strong satirical bond...

Pick wisely:
Dont let the wet one slip with the dry ones.

I chose to stand up and will in a different direction
Where I am a stranger in a strange land
New set of thoughts can't bind me to the land
I carry the old set of fragrance and my favourite shawl
to secure me
However, it is not enough...

Be Weary of the cunning travellers

Their eyes show otherwise

Travellers are good at stealing hearts
and everything else along with it too
But worry not for my heart is in the right place
Cannot be stolen nor borrowed
Only given...

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