Saturday, 19 January 2013

Candle Mind

An emptiness, a void, a heaviness, a sigh...
What keeps us apart is only distance.
A distance that only I seem to feel..
Why does everything seem to far away?
When there's no turning back!

They said we'd slowly fade away
That we both didn't deserve each other
I'm sorry I proved them right!!!
Should have never listened
and followed my heart instead...

I am the one to make you feel this way
But i'm slowly picking up the pieces
And maybe i'll even build you a lego house one day
You promised to shelter me
You promised to love me till the end
But I guess nothing lasts...

There's no one beside me
I'm left broken and helpless
No such guide in this darkness
But a dirty road across the hill...

Just remember darling
All the while
Til I come home
The ocean sparkles
Silver diamonds over the blue
And i'll be yours to keep
Forever and always...

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