Monday, 5 November 2012


Even the saddest songs do not make me sad anymore,
Each time it hurts it gets easier
To raise my head and look forward.

Like a puppet on a string I was played
Naively dancing along to those awful tunes
But little did I realize the purpose behind a gift so evil
That it even made the puppet master himself go blind...

Blind to his True Emotions!
Blind to his True Feelings!
Blind to his True Self!

The heart is fragile yet strong
It tends to forgive easily
Even though it never forgets...

I wonder how you are.
Do you still think of me....?
Does time really move forward as they say?

The autumn leaves fell on the ground
earlier than anticipated
The fruit of the loom was unripe this time
Soon with winter life paced slow...

I'm cold but my warm heart continues to glow
a burning light within me
They all knew it would die one day
Only I was stupid enough to hold onto HOPE...

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