Saturday, 24 November 2012

Unexpected Encounter

This morning I awoke,
You brightened my day
You made me forget everything
As i was soon lost in your gaze
"Looking Good", I thought to myself...

You close your eyes and kiss me gently
But wait that was just a dream
Or what I wanted to believe at least
I lay there pondering
How had he noticed me?
In a rather crowded place...

It was a slightly longer hug
not wanting to let go and yearning some more
We said our goodbyes and rushed off in opposite directions

On a familiar road he embarked
Like a hero leading 17 troops
Fighting dusty roads staying calm
Fighting to get to the other side.
All this while thinking of his lady
To gain strength to continue
Into a territory strange to him

All he had of hers to remind him was a strand of hair
that fell on his shirt when they embraced for goodbye.

She was one step ahead in certainty
and one step behind in uncertainty
she longed to see him again
maybe day after as he said

He always made her feel the happiest
Especially when the sun didn't seem to shine...

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