Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Melancholic Raindrops

The endless downpour sparked creativity within
Laziness suddenly overcome by ideas
Spontaneous and mindless...
Ignorant of the consequences for 'if'

The ride was slightly bumpy
Not because of the road
But the emotions that yet again stirred
One week, two weeks and even three
Time didn't matter any more...

The splattering of rain drops,
The swiftness of the wiper,
And a figure emerging from a far,
While the music shuffled to appeal,
Seemed all too soothing of a night.

Conversations constant in rhythm,
A journey filled with laughter.
Inquisitive as the mind may be
The answers satisfied the moment
While the rain kept pouring...

I felt happy to be amongst the star
That hadn't yet fallen...
Nor was it lonely up there
Rather the light kept on shinning
And guided me in times of darkness...

Temptations of softness,
But the end is always bitter.
Hopeful for another encounter,
When "all's well that ends well".
Perhaps another day when it pours?

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