Monday, 30 July 2012

Fast Lane

Greatness is what is yet to come...
And only I myself can fool me

((((((Everyone can be sad))))))

Even though the green light blinked
I know wasnt ready to go...
This is just the way it is
So I drove away even faster~

I dug the deepest pit
And dived right into it
Knowing what lay ahead
As I just wanted to be happy

"What would you want me to be?

I want you to be good to yourself!
Why do you need me so much?
I need you because only you matter!..."

Thus falling deeper and deeper into this pool of darkness

I fell knowing you wanted me more and more!
But I'm stuck here in this dark hole
With no answers
leaving you even more clueless than you already are...

I see this life going steady .. 
Not in need of anything and
Not in want of anything either
Just pure simplicity with happiness

Do you promise to keep me happy?

Photo: A beautiful yellow rose

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