Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Sounds of a Meloncholic Raindrop

With each heavy rain drop the clouds got lighter
The roof danced in happiness along with the black out!
So silently i sat there embracing the splashing sound:
The sound of the rain filling the drains
And slowly overflowing onto the pavement...

My pillow was the only comfort outside this darkness
Clearing more doubts in a night than in days
But the Heavier it poured,
the colder the heart got and I stopped believing in miracles too...

Citizens camped outside lost everything today
The endless downpour needs to stop now!
As poverty stricken families rushed towards a safe shelter,
Warmth, security, happiness was all they prayed for:
However, my shadow still refused to be moved in sync with my echo...

Contemplating a tough decision while inhaling much of the air left
I wanted to help somebody...anybody tonight
But the rain continued to fall heavier and got louder with the hour
And I felt trapped in my own abode
While far away across the mountain a faint cry of 'help' was all I heard...

The Rain brought back the light to the mountain slowly
Unable to see I became restless
The sounds echoing in my head like a waterfall at the end of a cliff
I chose to take the higher road
A road that led me to believe I was happier here at this place...
For now at least.

But a wise person once told me:
Happiness is merely contemporary and I was solely responsible for my own.
He didn't promise to make me happy
Rather he would give me his best if he had the choice.
So with a slightly sombre expression,
He slowly closed my eyes to sleep...

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