Saturday, 28 April 2012

Echoing the cries of Nanking

They say that life is meant to be lived, not watched and that one can never tell how one's story will unfold... So today, I watched this movie called "Flower of War" and I was deeply overwhelmed by emotions that took over while watching it. It was recommended by Yeshey Lhaden and I'm glad I watched it on a cold rainy day as emotions doubled along with the coldness outside. So after i watched the movie i was motivated to do some writing and this is one of them:

"The men came from the East where the Sun rises everyday,
Carrying along Pain everywhere they went.
Murder, Rape and Killing was all they did
As they moved in uniform from door to door.

Gone away were their lives
Along with the only little innocence they carried
Tucked away in the small pockets
of their pants tainted with blood.

Their cries and plea for compassion overlooked
As stray bullets pierce the delicate skins of those running to Safety,
Little did they believe in God hereafter,
As Mothers, Fathers, Sister's and Brothers died right before their eyes.

Their humility stripped away as heartless men tore off their clothes,
Naked and unclothed they remain,
and with every touch the more they seem to suffer
they wished for nothing more but a painless death.

And at the end all they did was pray for better lives,
for those left behind and for those soon to be exploited
by War and emotions and as painful as it is,
Nothing will ever remain the same after this day..."

So as tragic as it sounds, it was definitely a moving movie that kept me melancholic throughout making me emphathetic to their experiences. Even though i will never know how they felt, as least i know of their stories now and how the people of Nanking suffered under the Japanese conquest during the war that took place between the Chinese province and the Japanese army. Some were brave enough to fight for their country, while some were heroic and sacrificed their lives on account to save a few others of their kind.

However, Today I pray that no one has to ever experience such tragedies in their lifetime or the next but rather happiness, success, love, and good health follow everyone around in a well deserved continuous path by doing good for others above thy self.

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