Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reflection: My U.B.C

Often in life we end up whining and complaining about how certain events like High School or University Years seem to be such a long journey and once undertaken feels like it will never end. But in reality, it's not that long as we anticipated instead it finishes as quickly as it begins...

I came to Vancouver to study here at the University of British Columbia in the year 2007 (seems ages ago doesnt it?) but i clearly remember the first days of school like it was yesterday. We had to attend international student Gala orientations and the first day of school was orientations as well to explore the places on campus mostly. I don't think i attended all the events on the schedule as my mother had come along to Vancouver as well so i went back to her after classes until she left. But i remember being really happy exploring the city with my mother, the weather was nice and sunny, i opened my first bank account, bought textbooks, became friends Yeshey Lhaden, lived in KoreaHouse(KU) in Place Vanier where i met some of the coolest people i still am good friends with (Brandon, Chris, Paula, Laurel, Cam, Amanda, Michelle, Brendan, Julie, Kelvin, Brad, and Jack)... Having the independence and freedom to lead your own life with no curfew, rules, no-one monitoring you like back in High School was a wonderful feeling. Through these experiences i learnt to be a better person and the place grew on me eventually and even after 4 years i love this city, university and the people dearly that leaving all too soon kinda makes me sad...

As second year passed, third year came and soon i was a senior about to graduate. Time sure does go by in a jiffy~
I wouldn't say i was the brightest student here, but of course i had my strengths and weakness in the subjects i took. There were some pretty interesting courses i took, some which i hated, some which i was forced to take and some which i embraced wanting to know more. Linguistics, Geography, Philosophy, Asian studies, family studies, Choir, Statistics, Sociology, Earth and Ocean Science, Criminology, Gender studies, Race and Ethnicity, German, Religious studies are only some to name of the classes i took while i was here at UBC. I loved how diverse it all was and the options to learn more was thrilling but sometimes it often made me question how depth could i really go? When i picked my major as sociology i was very excited to learn it all but by the end i was a bit sad how UBC did not have a particular focus like how some business students or science majors have. So here i am two weeks into completing university with a sociology degree and i have no focus in any field but i am very much interested in international or community development for my further studies in a few years.

In life you come across many obstacles and roadblocks, its not how you wait for it to be cleared with time but rather how you go around it to find alternate routes... Here in UBC i found myself experiencing many of those and i can proudly admit that i did not stumble or fall down to them but rather found other solutions that helped me come back on track. I have enjoyed my time here, met amazing friends, soaked enough rain for a lifetime, braced the cold, woke up to early morning classes, stayed late nights at the library, skipped classes (yes everyone does), started drinking excessive coffee, got introduced to a new culture, stopped eating at McDonalds, played in Basketball leagues, went to watch soccer game (Whitecaps vs. L.A Galaxy), developed leadership skills, changed houses every year, stayed for a short summer, partied in Downtown Vancouver, went to concerts (Match Box Twenty, Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Mika, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Joshua Radin, Sara Bareilles, DJ shows), shopped crazy, was an international student peer, ate Japa Dogs, etc... the list goes endless and it is these moments that i will forever cherish and as the saying goes that "it is not the place but actually the people that  make up the place"...I definitely  agree with that!!!

Now it's time for me to leave this beautiful place that i have grown so much to love and i am not sure where or when life will be kind to me again to return here but i promise you that i will come back one day sooner or later. Thank you Vancouver for all you've been including the rain and the beautiful fall, Thank you UBC for accepting me in the first place way back in 2007 and Thank You to all the people i've met during my short journey here... It was worthwhile and i will never forget~

Much love, peace,, happiness and i hope our paths may cross one day...!!! xoxo

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