Tuesday, 29 November 2011

If I had my moment

Now that i have the secret to your heart
I wont give it away so openly
Its true what they say that:
you don't know what you have till it's gone...
So i'm giving it my all
and loving you how its suppose to be...

I didn't understand the initial feeling
but it warmed up my heart,
from the butterflies in my tummy
to the weakness in my knees...

Is this how we fall in love?
Are we to be feeling this way?
They make it look so easy in the movies
 But then again that's Hollywood...

I never cheated on you nor  i ever will
that's a different person not me
Might have set eyes on somebody else
But you kept bringing me back stronger than before...

Then i heard you fell out of love
and forgot what we had
The memories left behind all tainted and unforgotten...
I wished we'd never met
But then i wouldn't have realized how you played me
Like a puppet on a string...

So i drank my summer away
because you hated the girl that i was
I changed and came back five years later
And that's when I caught your eye
By then i was already in the arms of another man...

I'm a better person now because of you,
You changed the way i looked at love
and made me believe in something more than just from above
I still pray for us to be together someday
Just not today, tomorrow but maybe another lifetime ...

*no related experience to these words above, just inspired from stories and songs i heard right now~

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