Friday, 18 November 2011

Poetry on the go

"It will rain and wash away the past
If you Come away with me
You'll see and understand
So let it rain over you and me..."

The clouds got heavier and darker
As I found myself standing at a crossroad
Watched the rain hit pavements
As i lived the blissful moment

My feet got wet but didn't matter
The rain trickles down my face
Drenching every part of me slowly
Who said loving someone is easy?

We held on as the waves got rough
Anticipated the tides to come
Life was what we made of it
And it rained every single day

Our hearts stayed silent
Soul searching was what he said
But the rain carried on
Just like the clocks that keep ticking...


  1. beautiful poem...its nice...:)....
    check out if you have time, i wrote few poems as well..