Thursday, 27 October 2011

Midnight Crisis*

Its 12:45 am and i haven't finished writing my paper yet... Thought i deserved a break after all the reading i did on violence and aggression in Hockey so therefore, here i am writing my thoughts down like i always do~

Went Halloween costume hunting today and realized that all the dresses i tried out today were all 'short' 'butt revealing' and breasts enlarging...Lol hahaha... Decided i wanted to be a Police Officer so tried on 3 dresses related to Officer uniform out of which all 3 disappointed me and was not worth the dollars at all...
Even my Tailor in Jaigoan could stitch a better outfit for me than the ones hanging in the store... So after much trying on, contemplation and never ending line ups outside the changing room, i decided to just buy the police officer accessories  (badge hand cuffs) so that i could add them to my black dress and boots just to look a little themed instead of plain boring weekend party whether it matches or not i think i'll just wear that,, saves time from going costume hunting~

  Other than that, the day was rather gloomy, with slight down pour but nothing unbearable.... Vancouver proved itself to be yet again a beautiful city when slight rays of sunshine starting peeking through the grey clouds... So here i am sitting in front of the computer with the will and determination to finish my paper.

By the way, i didn't end up buying any of the costumes and i took the pictures in case i decide to buy one last minute rush so i would have to make a decision and also to know how non wearable they are but since costumes are mandatory for the party on Saturday i'm thinking of wearing this one on the right with a police badge, maybe a police hat along with that too and of course add a set of handcuffs on my belt...

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