Monday, 28 August 2017

Broken Doll

Men don't realize when a woman loves them wholeheartedly it's real and true...

I met a man Who was afraid to love
He was just another soul I had the chance to touch
His heart was constantly guarded
He built walls around his heart
He was definitely afraid to love...

He said he had his heart broken many times
But little did he realize that
Every time it broke apart
A bit of him was also leaving himself...

So when he had found himself after the brokenness
He decided to touch many hearts
But this time it was just touch and go
So he wouldn't feel anything...

I happened to touch the magic dust upon arrival
And it gave me pleasure which turned to hurt as days went by
There was no cure in itself
As the only remedy was to repel the magic...

I couldn't understand why he touched me
Or why he reached out to me first?
Initially he thought I'd be like the rest
Easily giving into the magic tricks
Much later into the season did he realize that I wasn't like the rest...

Was it too late by then to show his sincerity?
Feelings of doubt and trust questioned me every single day,
All in all my love was simple and  pure
The confessions of an honest love
With big plans made for two
Only to later find out:
Feelings are as easily washed away into the vast blue ocean
As it is to be washed ashore like the smallest particle of sand... 

What has my life come to anymore?
Why do I let these things bother me?
When do I say it's enough?
Who is responsible but myself for these feelings?
How can I make it disappear before I can't do it anymore?
Questions that have no answers... 

Forever unanswered... 

Live and Let Go!!!

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  1. Just believe that everything happens for good reasons :)