Friday, 11 October 2013

Fire Escape

Like constellations aligned on my body
etched round and red with bumpy markings
Of sensations that itch to be scratched
One, two and many more emerge
Sourced from the smallest black dot
that scavenge and move on...

I've seen the place and heard about it too
A distant galaxy far off in the woods
enclosed by vines and bushes
As moods go astray
like ivy on a high concrete wall
climbing to spread across the top...

A blaze firing at every direction
Out of control from the core
I see ladders and I'm slowly rising
Or was I descending
I couldn't tell for sure...

Everyone was hurt or burnt
Miraculously we survived without any scratch
An omen to what is yet to come
I am choosing to believe that:
Everything happens for a reason!

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