Wednesday, 19 December 2012

At the wrong Platform

I was standing at the  platform of a train station waiting for my train to arrive... the scene was busy, with endless number of people boarding on, getting off, and most were just like  me waiting for their particular train number to arrive as they sat on the benches.                                 
Time ticked by slowly. One second at a time. I looked at my ticket which read 49B, 11:13 hours, to the yellow brick road...
One arrived and the same one departed. The routine was too monotonous that I soon began to predict what I had observed as I sat there on the bench with music plugged in my ears.
After several trains I looked at my time it was 11:11 so I got my things ready and waited on the second  platform. Waited and waited until time went past faster than scheduled so I picked up my luggage and walked towards a uniform officer who directed me to the help desk by the entrance of the station.   
As I got there and explained how I was to get on the train to the yellow brick road the person behind looked at me sympathetically as if something had terribly gone wrong.  
Unsure and surprised I asked her what had been the problem .She looked up at me and said "Darling this is not a train ticket, but an airplane ticket..."                        
I couldn't believe that. All this while I was not only waiting at the wrong platform but I was waiting for the wrong mode of transportation as well..                                    
So I quickly took a cab to the airport but by then I had already missed my flight to the yellow brick road. So I cancelled and booked the next one out while my seat still remained the same at 49B...

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