Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trembling of Time

Heartless as the cold december night
She put on a brave face...
His heart cried for mercy
As it reflected through the sadness in his eyes
The high cheek bones of weariness
Were his only outlook...

Her eyes dropped tears
In constant with the falling rain outside
With feelings of hopelessness
And stirred emotions
He was all she ever knew.
Even though the future seemed distant
She strongly believed in him
And the love she had for him
Which he would never find out...

He thought of her as a miserable witch
Who did nothin but castes spells
Stole his heart and then threw it away.
To him she was heartless, emotionless
And selfish all by nature...
Somehow he still hadn't understood her
After all these years!!!

What he didn't know was that she was very different.
Kind hearted, gentle, thoughtful and caring.
Every night before she slept
she always thought of him and prayed
With longing-ness to be in his arms...
But he locked himself in a tower
That stood high above the rest
And further away from everyone especially her...

With next January she grew tired of his games
As frail as the barren oak trees
And as leafless as the evergreen ones
She needed him to stay strong
But he pushed himself away
Unable to understand the person she is
And soon after he took his own life
Not realizing it caused hers to follow too!

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