Monday, 20 August 2012

Dreaming Again

In silent moments of Solitude
I've gathered my thoughts
Feeling that once stood ground
are now at half mast.
Unable to have a clear vision
I'm left far behind...
With an empty pocket
and a sun burnt face
Slowly a silhouette appeared
Before me i vaguely saw it was he.
The mysterious man with the same face
haunting my dreams constantly
with vivid emotions
not once, not twice but three times

Each time i failed to see the face
an identity so concealed
a blinding halo
that was once his to wear.
A fallen soldier
in dire search of a maiden
with hope and happiness
until he gave that away too.

A fair maiden was she
with the purest of heart
Like the whiteness of the fairest dove
If only she had been set free
out into the dangerous world
Then only would she understand
the perils of this brave soldier.

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