Friday, 20 April 2012

Light at the end of a Tunnel

Today I'm completely broken...

Inside I'm mentally exhausted and all energy drained out... Misunderstood and rejected! Left to fend for myself, and
Myself only. The ones I thought I had faith in only end up as disappointment, and it is only my shadow and I sharing alliance in standing tall above the rest!

Like a wilting rose I slowly bend towards a direction but the morning sun refuses to hide behind the clouds even when the rain continues to pour... Beaming with much anticipation I'm lifted in spirit but it doesn't last long! The feeling of impermanence and letting go was all I could wait for as it slowly disappeared behind a huge patch of dark clouds...

Am I alone? Or is my shadow still with me? At least, I haven't lost my identity nor fell through the cracks of the ground like the rest. No wonder I was born on a brighter, early, dew drop morning, with birds chirping, and flowers slowly opening up their buds... It was a morning more beautiful than the rest of the days that were ever seen!

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