Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Tale of Woe

In my quest for the unreachable I find myself in complete solitude
a darkness all of a sudden surrounded by mist
a journey undertaken to an unknown destination.
For there was a small room in the corner
and my place between the thorns
above all the gladiators and the heroes
I stood tall above the rest.

Oh! how I wish to have been floating
amongst the brightest of them stars,
With feelings beyond any other feeling
incomparable and immeasurable...
the dampness of the rain and the luscious citrus
all seemed to have mesmerized me
So I sat there bare and unclothed.

Leaping forward towards the highest peak
I often find myself tumbling clumsily
A hero is all there is to it
But what good is he if he is never around?
So I try to pull myself up unable to gasp for air
Failure and disappointment to live,
There and then i stopped breathing...

Thus, even the sun stopped shinning
shying away behind the dark nimbus clouds.
The rain started to pour continuously
and I was left amongst the mud and dirt
Completely naked for nature to bury me
Or wait for my Hero to come find me...
Would it be too late by then?

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