Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Transit Tour to Seoul, korea

Usually i love travelling by myself but today i feel rather lonley and i miss everyone back home esp. Shedrup alot :'( Just looking at pictures and listening to music makes the situation even worse... Not fun at all and somehow it sucks to be going back even if its just for 3 months... This time the travel is more depressing and i cant help but be sad, but ive been controlling my emotions and being strong just because of the fact that i am alone and i have to take care of myself....

Well landed in Korea from Bangkok and here are some of the random pictures: (unedited)
This is the Cheonggyecheon Stream located downtown Seoul. A long park that runs along both sides of the River Bank.

This is the wall of the Changdeok Palace, Seoul

The Tour Bus that i paid 40 dollars to take me to Seoul along with other people for the 6 hour tour :)

                                       The entrance gate to the Chandeok Palace, Seoul
This is supposedly the Queen's residence

A sign under a tree at the Insadong Market, Seoul

A busy street "Insadong" where traditional handicrafts and arts were displayed.

Under the bridge they had this sign and since i didn't have any Korean Won, i threw in some canadian Dollars and thai bahts....hehe threw many as first i forgot to make a wish ...


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