Monday, 15 August 2011

Weddings and my own dilema?

This picture represents a set of 3 twins (including my sister and myself n the middle) at the wedding of Nima and Dawa (the twins on the outer ends) to Sonam and Lucky (who are seen wearing matching pinkish/red next to the boys)...

Apparently this wedding is one the 9th weddings in the world where twins have gotten married to twins on the same day...

Exciting but i know for certain that me and my sister are not going to be the 10th one in the world...hahaha... It would be a bit freaky for me to think about it now but this is wonderful to see my far relatives and friends happily in love and finally getting married to their long time partners :)
This gave me the thought about my own wedding...Hahaha a bit early to even think about it for me since i am only 23 and have the whole world infront of me. I dont even have a job yet nor a career so that will come first and then once i am steady and settled marriage will automatically flow through i guess!

Oh and i just heard about my Pakistani friend who is 23 and got engaged to her Indian boyfriend of 23 who studied with me in Kodai and UBC... engagement announcement, wedding bells and jiffy pregnancy seems to be treading these days even here in Bhutan as well... C'est La Vie~

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