Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Pledge~

In this world there are many different types of people. In all that mix, there are some who love to travel all around the world in search of themselves. But soon reality checks in for them and they realize that the only steps that they ever really needed to take were the ones from our head to our heart: the shortest step into realization indeed!! While on the other hand there are some of those who search for themselves without even having to take a step outside their homes. 
We don't have to go anywhere to find out who we really are but rather just light the spark within ourselves into realizing that...I know so many people including myself who have searched for ourselves and questioned "what does it mean to be you..?" and often found searching in a different direction. But the past year, i've come to realize that i didn't need to go anywhere to know who i was or ask who i was as the answer was right there in front of my eyes.
It came down to: It was 'ME' who could know exactly who i was, what i was feeling or what i wanted...No one else could have made those decisions for me. I know i've been indecisive my entire life, swaying in any direction due to my weakness in not being able to say NO to anything but rather helping out every single one that came by. And then people started taking advantage of me, and that's when i decided that a prominent line must be drawn and i should know when enough was enough!!So i did and went after what made me happy, what i enjoyed doing and what i felt like eating instead of being suggested all the time to do this/that or even told what to do next. Just as you think you could get use to this lifestyle, one must realize that this is not the right way even though one may feel the situation to be normalized but i've experienced this and it's everything but normal. 

So today i pledge to be more than the average individual and not to get  (angry/scared/depressed/anxious/worried/insecure/jealous/scared) but rather be happy and take a moment every single day to pause and appreciate life... and for being able to breathe with the blessings of life that most people tend to take for granted!


  1. :) Don't know why there are no comments to this post...Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind Haaaa.... Live your life to the fullest potential...Beautiful post namzay :)

  2. Thank you Anu :)indeed life is full of beauty and one must live to the fullest potential. I completely agree with you on this!