Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dear Dad...

Even though for the past 2 decades (20 years) of my life, we haven't had the best relationship because of the history and the past but i Just wanted to wish you a father's day today particularly for giving me, ashim and acho a life on earth (sounds clliche) but i'm grateful to have been born and experienced everything that i have for the past 23 years. With and without you,all three of us have learnt to grow up to be stronger individuals, growing mentally and emotionally while at the same time maintaining our roots and being grounded.

A wise man once said that the two greatest gifts that parents can give to their children are 'roots' and 'wings' so i'm grateful for that knowing that i have the wings and independence to explore and venture out on my own... It has really defined me who i am and i shall use these wings wisely...

I know now that you have your own family with a beautiful loving wife and 3 great children and i wish you all the happiness so please take care of them and don't let them go through without having a father as we did because i've realized that as a children growing up with a father s matters alot in the childs development especially when the traditional norm of a family is a mother and a father included. I know i was only 4 along with ashim and acho who was 6 so it wasn't too bad for me honestly as that became the norm (having a single parent) but your children are much older than that now and i know you have no intentions but do remember that it's the children that are affected more than anyone else by your actions :)

But all in all i'm glad we have all reconnected and put the past behind after all these years.. Happy Father's day and here's to a many more <3

Much love from your daughter,


  1. sweet......its touching.....well...i appreciate that feeling of gratitude and love for your father though you grew up without him around....:)


  2. Thank you :) it's been a great experience and a good lesson learnt!